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Urgot receives a new ultimate and other abilities in rework

The rework for League of Legends champion Urgot was finally revealed.
Riot Games revealed Friday the rework for League of Legends champion Urgot. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

After months of anticipation and promises, the rework for the League of Legends champion Urgot has been revealed.

In a champion reveal page on the League of Legends website, the new look, passive, and abilities are displayed for players to read and watch. The Urgot rework doesn’t just stop at a minor update, but it is a complete rework from the bottom up by changing everything about the champion.

His new passive, Echoing Flames, allows his auto attacks facing in the direction of one of his six legs to combust flames toward the target, dealing more damage in an area. The leg used in that direction will then be put on cool down, meaning the Urgot player will constantly have to reposition in order to get all six empowered shots onto a target.

His Q, Corrosive Charge, is the closest to his old kit, which launches an explosive charge to a location. Instead of bursting when reaching the destination, it stays on the ground for a short time before exploding, dealing damage in an area and slowing the targets.

His W, Purge, combined his old shield to do some new tricks. Upon activation, a shield is put around Urgot, and he rapidly fires the nearest enemy unit, and triggering his passive when possible. He moves more slowly while shooting, he is immune to slowing effects, and he can move through enemy champions. While this skill is active, his auto attacks are disabled.

His E, Disdain, is a new ability that allows Urgot to charge in a direction, stop when he hits an enemy champion and then pick up and and throw the enemy to the other side. Non-champion units like minions and monsters take damage and then are knocked aside.

His ultimate, Fear Beyond Death, is a also a new ability. He launches a drill in a direction skill shot, which then sticks onto the first enemy champion. Over time it does physical damage and slows the enemy until a timer goes off. When the enemy champion struck is under a certain health threshold, Urgot can activate his ultimate again to drag the enemy champion — making them un-targetable — and executes them, if they reach him. When he kills an enemy champion in that way, he terrifies all nearby enemies.

With the rework comes a new base model, and new models for all of his skins, which all got huge upgrades. His new abilities seem to take him away from his usual role of an AD Carry, but rather puts him in a top or even mid lane, with potentially strong lane pushing through his passive, gank potential with crowd control, and an execute.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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