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LPL stuns LCK at Rift Rivals, SK Gaming wins ESL One Cologne

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EDG’s coach before Rift Rivals said he wanted to beat one Korean team, and he did.

KT Rolster’s coach said if Korea didn’t win its Rift Rivals tournament, the players would (jokingly) have to swim home.

A Taiwanese media member apparently asked SKT coach Kim “kkOma” Jung-Gyun to marry her at Rift Rivals.

Selfless Gaming’s owners put the organization up for sale.

NRG and EnVyUs are among the teams attending the X Games Rocket League tournament.

Urgot will receive a new ultimate and other items in his rework.

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OGN Overwatch Apex Season 4 will not include foreign teams.

A Chinese CS:GO team has been punished for a match under suspicion of possible fixing.

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ESL One Cologne (CSGO)


Cloud9 2:1 Ninjas in Pyjamas (16-10, 11-16, 16-6)

FaZe Clan 2:0 Team Liquid (16-9, 16-5)

SK Gaming 2:1 OpTic (10-16, 16-9, 16-7)

Rift Rivals LCK vs. LPL vs. LMS (LoL)

SK Telecom T1 1:0 Team WE

Rift Rivals EU vs. NA (LoL)

Phoenix1 1:0 G2

Unicorns of Love 1:0 Cloud9

Team SoloMid 1:0 Fnatic

Phoenix1 1:0 Unicorns of Love

Cloud9 1:0 Fnatic

Team SoloMid 1:0 G2


Rift Rivals LCK vs. LPL vs. LMS (LoL)


Team WE 1:0 J Team

Flash Wolves 1:0 OMG

ahq 1:0 EDward Gaming

Royal Never Give Up 1:0 Machi

Team WE 1:0 Flash Wolves

Rift Rivals EU vs. NA (LoL)


Team SoloMid 3:0 Unicorns of Love

ESL One Cologne (CSGO)


Cloud9 2:0 Natus Vincere (16-13, 16-14)

SK Gaming 2:0 FaZe Clan (16-4, 19-16)


Rift Rivals LCK vs. LPL vs. LMS (LoL)


EDward Gaming 1:0 Samsung Galaxy

Team WE 1:0 SK Telecom T1

KT Rolster 1:0 OMG

Royal Never Give Up 1:0 MVP

ESL One Cologne (CSGO)

Grand final

SK Gaming 3:0 Cloud9 (16-9, 16-12, 16-14)


(All times Eastern)

League Champions Korea (LoL)

Longzhu vs. MVP, 4 a.m. Tuesday


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