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Three players to leave RunAway, the darling Overwatch team from OGN APEX Season 2

Three players will leave wildly popular Korean Overwatch team RunAway.
Three players will leave wildly popular Korean Overwatch team RunAway, as Runner revealed on a July 4 stream.

Three members of the beloved Korean Overwatch team RunAway, which made a thrilling tun to the finals of OGN APEX Season 2, will leave the team.

Team owner and professional player Yoon “Runner” Dae-hoon explained during a July 4 stream that he, flex player Bae “MIRAGE” Jeong-min and sub-tanker Shin “Kalios” Woo-yeol will depart the team as their run in OGN APEX Season 3 has come to an end.

Runner and MIRAGE will leave to revive his careers as streamers. They both started as streamers but put that part of their careers on hold in order to make a run in the professional Overwatch scene, but they finally elected to go back before Season 4 of APEX.

“After joining Runaway, (MIRAGE) kept saying his stream was done for,” Runner said. “Playing scrims and whatnot tends to take away from streaming, and having the channel suffer for that is to be expected. We talked a lot and came to the conclusion that maybe he’ll be better off focusing on streaming.”

The latest addition, Kalios, wasn’t able to officially join the team due to some contractual problems with his pervious team wNv, and Runner said that they were planning to let him go as early as their match against Kongdoo UNICA during the group stage of APEX Season 3. Although he steps away from the team for now, Runner said he was free to rejoin the team after a tryout if Kalios so chooses.

Runner was put in an interesting situation as the owner and player for RunAway. As the person who was keeping the team up and running without a major sponsor, he has been pumping in his own money and time into the team. He said he’ll go back to streaming as he used to do but said he’ll continue to run the team and is even looking for a chance to give his players a gaming house.

“I will step down, but I will continue to lead the team,” he said. “What’s bothering me is that I want to give the players a gaming house, so I’m looking for an option. From what I found it costs about 10 million won ($8,667) per month with rent and various maintenance fees. It’s quite expensive to have the desks and all the hardware set up.”

Although RunAway had a breakout performance last year by placing second in Season 2 to Lunatic-Hai, the team did not have nearly as much success in Season 3. The team also dealt with the loss of Ryu “Kaiser” Sang-hoon, who left the team in June and eventually joined Cloud9.

With the three departures, the remaining players for RunAway are Kim “Haksal” Hyo-jong, Lee “Stitch” Choong-hee, Park “BUMPER” Sang-beom, and Kim “KoX” Min-soo.


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