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League of Legends Patch 7.15 will likely be the worlds qualifying patch

League of Legends Patch 7.15 will be used for worlds qualifying.
League of LEgends Patch 7.15 will likely be the one used for worlds qualifying, so it will be balanced accordingly. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

League of Legends patch 7.15 will be used for qualifying to the League of Legends World Championship, so expect it to be more balanced for professional play.

Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon wrote Tuesday about some of the changes that will be potentially rolled out in patch 7.15, which will most likely be the patch used for teams trying to qualify for worlds. The balance will be focused on pro play more than usual, which will involve “small changes to a large number of champions who are either a bit too dominant in that context or nearly viable but not quite there,” Meddler said. About 10 to 20 champions could be tweaked as a result, but not all of them will be on the PBE at once.

Some other tentative changes — which might end up getting pushed back to the next patch — will go to Nasus, Miss Fortune, and Lux. Nasus will have his E have a percentage-based shred and making his Q have a lower cool down time when he’s in his ultimate. Miss Fortune will get some more attack speed, with a more auto-attack centric play style being tested. Lux will get her overall team fighting ability boosted, but no details were given beyond that.

The process behind the new runes system

Riot has openly discussed the upcoming runes and masteries changes with the public, and the latest post gives some insight as to how they’ve been working on it. So far, Riot has had player research labs in North America, China, and most recently Korea, as they’ve consulted professionals, streamers, and randomly selected players in each region.

Apparently, this process is a favorite of Riot’s when it comes to figuring out big changes such as new champions, visual and gameplay Updates, and large scale features like tournaments and the new honor system.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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