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LW Blue drops Gambler from Overwatch team due to vocal cord edema

Team LW Blue dropped Gambler because of problems with his vocal cords.
Gambler of Team LW Blue could be done as a professional Overwatch player.

Team Luxury Watch announced Tuesday through Facebook that Heo “Gambler” Jin-woo will depart LW Blue because of complications with vocal cord edema.

“Hello, this is Team LW,” the announcement reads. “With the end of APEX Season 3, Gambler will be leaving Team LW. Gambler has been dealing the vocal cord edema since he was in middle school, and his condition worsened as he was active as a professional player. The decision let him go came as the team’s opinion that a continued career will be more detrimental his health and the wish of Gambler to rest at home were both delivered to the organization.”

Gambler was the healer and shot-caller for LW Blue with a solid fan following. He is a huge fan of Anime as well, as he has shown goods and references during his Twitch stream. Gambler was also able to gain interest by being a masterful Mercy player.

LW Blue has been consistently one of best teams in Korea. It was a quarterfinalist in Seasons 1 and 3 of OGN APEX, and it finished third in Season 2.

It’s unclear if Gambler will retire or if he will return to competition with another team if his condition improves in the future.


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