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The new Major map veto system.

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

News broke today the map ban system for the PGL Major has been changed. Now instead of the map randomizer, they are going to have Team A ban two maps, Team B ban three maps. Then Team A gets to pick the remaining map while Team B picks the side. While this is a step up from the shit that was the map randomizer, I’m not sure how this works differently from the standard we use.

Here is an Example of how the regular map veto works:

Team A bans Cache. Team B bans Train. Team A bans Nuke. Team B bans Overpass. Team A bans Cobble. Team B can either pick to ban Mirage or Inferno.

Here is how the Valve map veto works:

Team B bans Train, Overpass. Team A bans Cache, Nuke and Cobble. Team B can now choose between Mirage or Inferno.

Not too different, but since that’s the case I don’t have a problem with it.

But I found the statement that the system is being instituted to help higher seeds win to be the most hilarious thing possible since Valve seeding is the worst kind of seeding that ignores what happens in the other 95 percent of the year.

*Updated thoughts as to why this could be worse than map randomizer

Noxville, the Dota2 stats guy, messaged me after I released this and gave me some reasons as to why this map veto system could be worse than map randomizer. The reason is because of the ordering of the vetoes. Specifically one team bans 2, the other team bans 3. This gives a possible advantage to the team with more hidden information, for instance if some team had used the downtime to make one of their banned or middling maps a strong map.  On top of that the Legends spot are being given the advantage so to speak. This compounds their advantage if they all really were the best 8 teams in the world (some of them are). The reason these things are bad is because you want a fair set of rules and format where all teams are given equal chance in the draft. This is why when other tournament besides Valve CS:GO events do seeding, they split up the top teams into different groups and try to make fair groups so that every team has to walk a semi equivalent road to move on into the bracket.

Also while I think Swiss has been a trash format for CS:GO, Noxville did point out CS:GO has never seen a true Swiss format. Specifically one that goes beyond 3-X or X-3 scores and one that had bo3s instead of bo1s.


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