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Inven reacts to Overwatch League cities reveal: “Let us now have delusions that Blizzard’s patches and responses will be faster since billionaires like them will be sensitive about money.”

Inven reacts to the release of seven Overwatch League cities.
Inven users were hilariously antagonized by the announcement of seven Overwatch League cities.

Korean Overwatch players were antsy for information about the upcoming Overwatch League, and the announcement of the first seven Overwatch League cities was a much needed news. Pertaining to Korea specifically, the city of Seoul is one of the first seven, with the spot belonging to Kevin Chou, the co-founder for Kabam.

Inven reacted about as you’d expect.

The reactions to the official news from Inven regarding the news was quite variant with the most voted comment being one that is optimistic, albeit in a very twisted manner.

“Let us now have delusions that Blizzard’s patches and responses will be faster since billionaires like them will be sensitive about money,” it reads.

The frustration among the Korean players has reached an all time high as the consensus has been that Blizzard’s balance patches and implementation of features — like a replay system and customizable cross hairs — have been very slow. As such, the comments have been mostly begrudging optimism, as some news is better than no news at this point. The comments on this thread also mirrored the sentiment to the release of Doomfist last week: This is fine and all, but balance the game better.

Another comparatively well-received comment was from a user who wrote “OWL is certainly going down a different patch, and it’s quite interesting.” Another preemptively congratulated the Korean players for “making it into international teams,” while one user commented that they “kind of understand” the reported $20 million buy in for the league, seeing the caliber of buyers.

One of the most down voted comments went against the view point that the billionaire owners would be able to sway Blizzard’s release speed saying that “Blizzard won’t owe the owners anything since they already got their signatures.” Among the replies that tore the comment to shreds, one stands out by reading:

“If billionaires did business in such a haphazard and lazy manner, they’d be homeless, not billionaires.”


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