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Jeff Kaplan says Overwatch team will address Reinhardt bugs

Jeff Kaplan says the Overwatch team will continue to try to fix Reinhardt bugs.
Jeff Kaplan says the Overwatch team will continue to try to fix Reinhardt bugs. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

A forum post asking Blizzard to address the various Reinhardt bugs in Overwatch caught the eye of game director Jeff Kaplan, who replied to the post himself.

“We’re looking into reported issues with Reinhardt,” he wrote. “Please post bugs in the bug forum (not this thread). The most helpful thing are videos and/or reproducible steps. The more specific, the better.”

The post itself lists a number of known issues with how Reinhardt’s skills aren’t interacting as intended in Overwatch. Main issues include a large delay in his attacks and abilities, and his main initiation tool Charge randomly pinning enemy characters or not pinning anyone at all. The recent troubles come after Blizzard accidentally nerfed Reinhardt’s hammer in May.

This frustration toward the Overwatch development team only serves to elongate recent accusations that Blizzard is more often than not late in responding to clear problems. The forum posts also included a prior forum response from Kaplan on June 26 about Reinhardt’s falling pick rate, which seemed to pin the problem to a hot-fix to his ultimate ability rather than the other issues that were still evident during that time.

The post was quickly voted as one of the most pressing matters in the general discussions forum, with numerous Reinhardt players agreeing and expressing their concerns about their hero of choice.

Criticism aside, Kaplan continues his penchant for responding to (sometimes angry) users on the Overwatch forums. The streak lives.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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