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Smeb on playing against Yasuo: “I was surprised but I was also kind of angry.”

Smeb said he was angry when he realized he was playing Yasuo.
KT Rolster's Smeb (Song Kyung-ho) was not happy when he saw Yasuo as his lane opponent.

Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho isn’t free from the iconic hatred for Yasuo, as he admits that he got mysteriously angry when he faced him in a League Champions Korea match.

KT Rolster defeated the Jin Air Green Wings 2-1 on Wednesday. Game 2 was particularly tough as it went for 59 minutes, 54 seconds, the longest match in the LCK summer split. Smeb also had the dubious honor of facing the first professional Yasuo top lane, and during the post-match interview with OGN casters Kim “Dangun” Eui-joong and Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo, he shared his frank thoughts about the match up.

“I was surprised but I was also kind of angry,” he said with a smile. “I think there’s something that makes me mad when I have to face a Yasuo in lane, but my team calmed me down well. I just kept wanting to fight him.”

Smeb continued his winning streak as Shen, as he is now 9-0 on that champion in the LCK. Although the top lane meta shifted to a more split-pushing, damage dealing top lane, Smeb was still able to support his team perfectly to bring Game 1 home. Smeb said it’s not that he practices Shen often, but it had more to do with the improving form of his team’s damage dealers, as he chooses Shen “by placing my faith in them.”

With how long Game 2 went and the fatigue that KT must have felt after returning from Rift Rivals, Smeb said it was “tough mentally,” but the coaches did a good job in keeping the team grounded so it could bounce back to win Game 3.

Interestingly, Game 3 was the pinnacle of what KT is good at; the early game laning phase. This was most well embodied in the bottom lane composition of Kalista-Zyra, choices that are seldom seen together. Smeb said that after some time away from a lane-focused play style, the team decided to bring it out to close the match.

“Our team’s strong point is the laning phase, but we didn’t use lane-centric champions because we wanted to practice different play styles,” he said. “I think we just went with those picks in the last game (for that kind of laning phase).”

As the only MVP of the match, Smeb also said that he was rather disappointed that the jungler Go “Score” Dong-bin hasn’t been able to be acknowledged as an MVP as much. Smeb described Score to be a “consistently good player,” and that he “takes very good care of the younger players on KT.”


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