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Nautilus buffs could be coming in League of Legends Patch 7.15

Nautilus is in line for some buffs, potentially in League of Legends patch 7.15.
Nautilus could soon be more in the League of Legends meta. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Outside of a reworked Urgot, four new members to the Omega Sqaud skin line and a new ward skin, Tuesday’s League of Legends update to the Public Beta Environment included a number of balance updates, and Nautilus will also receive some buffs.

In line with a dev blog post on the same day, some minor buffs were found going to Miss Fortune’s way, specifically in the form of attack speed. Her base attack speed went from .656 to .690, and her attack speed growth went from three to five.

Miss Fortune was on the list for buffs along with Nasus and Lux, and MF’s attack speed was specifically noted as an area for improvement. It seems like a more auto-attack based MF is what Riot Games has in mind, perhaps taking after Xayah’s continued use in professional games. Whether or not that’s enough to push her into the current bot lane meta that also has a lot of utility or burst remains to be seen.

Thresh also got a health nerf from 561 to 520, which was another tweak that the post said it will go into.

Nautilus buffs

Nautilus was a staple of Summoner’s Rift for a long time in both the top lane and as a support, but he’s been pushed out in the meta of aggressive supports and top laners. But he will receive some buffs, so maybe he’ll be able to pull his own weight again in competitive play.

His Q, the Dredge Line Hook, now does more damage in the earlier levels, but does the same at later ones, perhaps giving him a but more strength behind the early level hooks, where even the smallest amount of damage can make the difference between getting a kill or not.

His ultimate, Depth Charge, has a shorter cool down time in the earlier levels as well, which makes one think that Riot intends to give him an early game boost so he can pull his own weight in the current top lane meta.

Udyr still being tested

Udyr is in the process of being changed, but his numbers and effects are still being tweaked. the basics of all the changes are the same from the previous PBE update from June 27.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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