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Overwatch dev team monitoring lopsided win rates on Horizon Lunar Colony

The Overwatch dev team will monitor new map Horizon Lunar Colony and lopsided win rates.
The Overwatch dev team will monitor new map Horizon Lunar Colony and lopsided win rates. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan said dev team is looking at Horizon Lunar Colony, the newest map in the game, after early statistics about win rates, and changes are possible down the road.

On a post on Overwatch’s general discussions forum, Kaplan revealed the win rates of both attacking sides and defending sides of every assault and escort map in Overwatch for the last three months. Most of the maps are split almost evenly down the middle, with a percent or two difference, but Horizon Lunar Colony has the biggest gap with a 54.50 percent win rate for the attackers.

As more players absorbed the data, some asked if the team would be interested in re-tooling Horizon and the other map that had a slight skew, Eichenwalde, which gave the defenders a 53.84 percent win rate. Kaplan said the team talked about touching up Horizon Lunar Colony, but any changes wouldn’t happen soon.

“We’ve talked about a few changes,” he said. “We want to give it more time before doing anything drastic. I know this is going to sound off to some of you, but these stats don’t concern us as being grossly unbalanced. We’ve had periods in the early release and beta of the game where maps were skewed as bad as 30/70. When a map gets close to 40/60, most players perceive it as balanced. So being within 4-6 percent of 50/50 is still pretty good.”

The latest map is based on the moon base that was closely tied with the story of one of Overwatch’s characters, Winston, the gorilla scientist. Eichelwalde was previously a battle ground during the Omnic Crisis in the game, the central conflict that is built into the history of Overwatch.

The win rates for all of the maps are as follows:

Hanamura: Attack 49.79 percent, Defense 50.21 percent
Horizon: Attack 54.50percent, Defense 45.50 percent
Temple of Anubis: Attack 49.92percent, Defense 50.08 percent
Volskaya: Attack 49.76percent, Defense 50.24 percent
Eichenwalde: Attack 46.13percent, Defense 53.87 percent
Hollywood: Attack 49.91 percent, Defense 50.09 percent
King’s Row: Attack 50.14percent, Defense 49.86 percent
Numbani: Attack 49.40percent, Defense 50.60 percent
Dorado: Attack 49.66percent, Defense 50.34 percent
Route 66: Attack: 49.94percent, Defense 50.06 percent
Watchpoint: Gibraltar: Attack 50.13 percent, Defense 49.87 percent

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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