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Rek’Sai’s early game might take a hit in League of Legends Patch 7.15

League of Legends champion Rek'sai will take an early game hit in a coming Patch 7.15
Rek'Sai's early game might take a hit. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Not even one day since League of Legends Patch 7.14 was implemented, Riot Games is already at it with another update to the Public Beta Environment. Following the updates from Tuesday, the new changes are a continuation rather than tweaking things from the previous patch.

More changes have come as per Tuesday’s dev blog post, as Riot has already touched up Miss Fortune. It’s now Nasus’ turn. Nasus’ E, Spirit Fire now shred a percentage of armor of enemy units in the area, instead of a flat 20 armor. It goes from 15 percent at level 1 to 35 percent at level 5, which is a considerable amount. He can be a decent tank buster,  but he could also make a large impact in team fights, seeing as he can cast his E from a distance and it impacts anyone inside of that circle area.

His ultimate, Fury of the Sands, not only gives him more HP, armor, and magic resistance, but now also gives his Q, Siphoning Strike, 50 percent extra cool down reduction. With enough stacks, he can just whack people to death a lot more quickly this time around.

Zyra’s plants don’t have the same attack range

One of the things that made facing a Zyra support a nightmare was the harass she could put down with her plants, that deal a deceptive amount of damage and a decent range to zone out AD Carries and supports alike. Now the plants that are created as a result of her Q, Deadly Spines, attack up to 575 range instead of 750, which is quite the reduction.

Rek’sai gets changes again

Riot can’t make up its mind with this girl.

So her Q when unburrowed, Queen’s Wrath, does less base damage at earlier levels, but does the same amount at the max level. Her Q when burrowed, Prey Seeker, got a slight buff to compensate, going from 40 percent attack damage to 50 percent. It looks like Riot wants to hit her early game jungle clear with this change, maybe making her less of a priority pick.

Her ultimate, Void Rush, got a weird change, though, because it has 10 seconds more on the cooldown timer at level 1, but 10 seconds less at max level. Again, looks like an early game hit.

Dr. Mundo gets some changes

Dr. Mundo is getting some changes for the first time in a while. His W, Burning Agony, no longer has a cost of 10 health per second anymore, but instead does a set amount of magic damage per level starting at 16, plus 10 percent of his ability power to himself per second.

In layman’s terms that’s a lot more damage than 10 health at all times. A higher trade off for the same damage.

His E, Masochism, also got its health cost removed but got a couple of new effects. The new passive is that when Mundo gets hit with magic damage, his magic resist increases by two percent for two seconds, up to a maximum of 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 percent based on level. Keep in mind, his W can also trigger this effect, giving him a lot more magic resist.

When activating his E, his next attack will deal an additional three percent of maximum health damage at the cost of 25 health, and he gains more attack damage based on how much health he’s missing. Which means the more health he’s missing, the more he hurts with his E, making it a gamble fight.

A bunch of small tweaks here and there

Akali’s W, Twilight Shroud lasts 18 seconds instead of 20.

Elise’s base attack damage stat went from 50.54 to 47 and Lee Sin also went from 61.176 to 58. These give the two power junglers less power as a couple of the more popular jungle picks at the moment.

Gragas’ ultimate, Explosive Cask, has a higher cool down time at levels 1 and 2, hitting his early game and mid game power, but keeping it the same at the late game.

Nami’s Q, Aqua Prison, got a lower cool down timer at all levels. Nothing to sneeze at, as her area-of-effect stun is crucial to her kit in-lane.

Item changes too

Adaptive Helm got it’s built-in magic resist increased from 15 percent to 20.

Knight’s Vow, a popular item for those tanky supports, had its total health lowered from 400 to 350.


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