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Jeff Kaplan lists issues fixed regarding Reinhardt

Reinhardt's problems have seemingly been fixed, Jeff Kaplan said.
Reinhardt's problems have seemingly been fixed, Jeff Kaplan said. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan followed up on a previous forum post to publish a list of issues the dev team has fixed regarding Reinhardt.

Reinhardt has been in quite the pickle recently with a meta that doesn’t favor him and a number of bugs that made him nearly unplayable, according to many players. Kaplan replied to a forum post Wednesday that the dev team was looking into the problems, and on Friday he wrote a list of problems they have fixed, as copied below:

Addressed Reinhardt Issues

  • Fire Strike hit-box was too small
  • A host of hammer swing issues affected by high network latency have been addressed
  • We’ve also increased Reinhardt’s hammer swing speed by 10 percent in general in 1.13
  • Several animation cancelling bugs (also high network latency related) have been fixed
  • Fire Strike and Charge animations now synch correctly regardless of network latency
  • Charge reliably pins targets instead of knocking them back (Note: we fixed a number of issues and all of the issues we were reliably able to reproduce. Because charge is a cone-based attack and latency is involved, there might be other issues that surface. Providing us reproducible steps or video clips will help us if additional issues arise)
  • Charge reliably pins targets when moving up steep stairs/ramps (see above note)

Kaplan also wrote that the changes should be active on the Public Test Realm by Friday afternoon for another round of player bug testing, and he’ll see if the changes will stick without more issues. The one issue for which Kaplan hasn’t found a solution is his ultimate ability, Earthshatter, not picking up targets under select circumstances, but Kaplan wrote that a fix will be intended for the next patch.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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