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Lowel on Mixwell: “He needs to keep playing with an AWP because he can destroy teams with an AWP.”

Lowel says Mixwell needs to keep playing the AWP.
Lowel says Mixwell needs to keep playing the AWP. Photo by Helena Kristiansson/ESL, illustration by Raphie Rosen.

Slingshot’s Jarek ‘DeKay” Lewis caught up with mousesports’ Christian “loWel” Antoran last month to talk about adding Robin “ropz” Kool to the team and his relationship with OpTic’s Oscar “Mixwell” Canellas.

Jarek “DeKay” Lewis: Something I’ve been asking a few of the players about is how do you feel about playing online? Obviously a lot of players prefer playing on LAN, but when it comes to play online, let’s say you have to go back home and you have a match for ECS or something, how do you view it? Are you like “ugh another game” or do you always want to play?

Christian “loWel” Antoran: I want to play always, but I prefer to do LAN. Because being with my team together, it’s easier to tell them their mistakes and everything is better in my opinion.

JL: Everyone of course is talking about ropz (since he joined the team). It’s awesome to see someone so young come to LAN. Have you done anything with your game? Have you changed anything, have you been working on something, because you’ve always played well, but has there been anything you’ve been doing lately to maybe make sure you’re staying at a high level?

CA: A lot of practice, a lot of death match, a lot of demos, smokes, everything to keep improving your game.

JL: Do you talk a lot to mixwell? Are you guys still friends even though he’s over here?

CA: We’re really good friends, and when we’re going to a tournament we always still chill, do something in the bar, talking about stuff.

JL: What do you think about him? I know you got to worry a lot about yourself a lot of the time when you’re playing and you gotta worry about your team, but do you keep an eye on Optic when he’s playing? Do you pay attention when they’re playing matches?

CA: Yeah most of the times when I have time, because in Europe it’s really late because they play at like 4 a.m in Europe. But sometimes I can watch the games, and Mixwell is really good. He’s a good AWPer and a really smart player. He’s pretty good with rifles as well, but even without he’s insane.

JL: He is insane and it doesn’t seem like he really wants to embrace the AWP. What do you think about that? Do you think he should? Is it just so good he should just do it?

CA: He needs to keep playing with an AWP because he can destroy teams with an AWP. I mean he’s really good with rifles, but with the AWP he can destroy the (opponent).

JL: Do you think he even knows how good he is with it or you think he just doesn’t know?

CA: I think he knows but, yeah.

JL: It makes me laugh because in North America we, I don’t want to say there’s no good AWPers, but there’s a lot less of a group of good AWPers, and he’s just so good. When I watch him, I was like “man you should want to AWP every single round, you’d kill everybody.”

CA: Optic has good AWPs, but not main AWPers. Tarik can take the AWP and NAF, but they’re not main AWPers, you know? And I think mixwell is the consistent AWP.

JL: What do you think about Optic as a whole? I personally think they have players that can do well. Do you think Optic can get back to that (high) point, maybe not with their situation right now but, do you think that team can once again get to a high level like they did once before?

CA: They’re really good, skilled players. All of them. They’re really good and have really good skill, but the thing they need is a leader. They just need a good leader. The skill, they have really good players. Really good.


JL: A question I like to ask the people, mostly from North American players but since you had a little time practicing with them, is there a big difference when you practice or scrim in Europe and then when you come here? Do you think they practice different or maybe not practice the way they should?

CA: I think it’s different, the game style. They play different. It’s not good or bad, it’s just different game.

JL: Do you think it’s good to just play different game styles so that you can experience everything?

CA: Sometimes. It depends on the team.

JL: Is there a player or a team that you played against that is just the hardest for you personally to play against, that you can just never play good against?

CA: It’s really hard to play against them. is very hard because they always win flash bangs, smoke, and you can’t do anything when you play against them.

JL: Is there anything that you have time to as a hobby because you travel so much and you play so much? Is there something you do outside of Counter-Strike that you enjoy?

CA: Not really. I go to the gym sometimes, but I always have time for the gym. I just focus on the game.