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Buffs likely coming to mid lane League of Legends champions

A handful of mid lane champions are in line for buffs in an upcoming League of Legends patch.
Twisted Fate is among the mid lane champions potentially being buffed. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Following up on Friday’s report about the upcoming League of Legends patch, some mid lane champions received buffs in the latest Public Beta Environment update. Zigg’s W, Satchel Charge, had its cool down reduced at all levels. It’s not a damaging tool, but it’s a valuable mobility tool for Ziggs.

Twisted Fate, the roaming mid laner with reliable crowd control, will have his roam-ability bolstered a small amount by increasing his movement speed from 330 to 335.

Ekko’s E, Phase Dive, has gotten its cool down time lowered by two seconds at Level 1, giving him more mobility and gap closes earlier on. The cool down time stays the same at max level.

Xerath’s W, Eye of Destruction, had its slowing value more than doubled as it went from 10 percent to 25, and his ultimate, Rite of the Arcane, received a damage buff at Levels 2 and 3. It was mentioned that “artillery” mid lane champions were to be improved, and Xerath is probably the most representative of that play style. The new slow and better ultimate damage is a way for him to fit in that artillery description.

Lissandra wasn’t specifically mentioned last week, nor is she played in the mid lane competitively all that much. But she was designed to be a mid lane mage with loads of crowd control, and she might be played in the mid lane again with base damage increased to 53 and her mana per level grown to 58.

Aside from the mid lane, a handful of other champions are in line for changes as the game gears up for qualification time for the League of Legends World Championship.

Urgot already receives buff

Urgot’s rework isn’t even live yet, but he’s already received a buff on his Q, Corrosive Charge, which reduces the mana cost for the ability at earlier levels. It gets more expensive with leveling, but as an area of effect slow, the lower mana cost during the laning phase might be a further push for gank coordination or setting up damage.

Udyr gets more changes

This time it isn’t as extensive, but one nerf and one buff came Udyr’s way. His E, Turtle Stance, is now a stronger shield in the early game but a stronger one in the later game. It’ll prove to be a good thing for the early jungle clears, but less in terms of relying on it for team fights.

His Q, Bear Stance, had its movement speed duration increased to three seconds at all ranks, which means he runs faster for longer, so early game ganks are a lot scarier than before.

Damage buffs to damage dealers

Sivir, the once popular AD Carry champion that has since given the limelight to others, had her major damage skill, Boomerang Blade, receive a damage buff across all levels. It’s unsure if that’s enough to put her back into prominence, but with utility champions making a resurgence in Season 7, she might make a major comeback.

Kindred’s Q, Dance of Arrows, also received damage buffs at all levels. She’s still at the point where people are complaining about her, so maybe the extra damage will be what she needed to survive in the jungle.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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