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Many champions set to receive small tweaks in upcoming League of Legends patch

Many champions are in line for slight changes in an upcoming League of Legends patch.
Preparing for worlds means more League of Legends champions are in line for small tweaks. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

As the League of Legends patch planned for the world championship qualifier draws closer, the Public Beta Environment has come with a slew of adjustments for many of champions. Most of them are small scale buffs to their ability’s cool down time, aimed to give them small boosts to their laning phases.

Ezreal’s Q, Mystic Shot, had its cool down time reduced to 4.5 seconds at all ranks. The buff will likely give him more damage opportunities in the early laning phase.

Irelia’s ultimate, Transcendent Blades, had its cool down time reduced at Levels 1 and 2, keeping the same timer at Level 3.

Jinx’s W, Zap!, has a lower cool down time by two seconds each level, giving her more windows of time to potentially slow her opponents.

Malphite’s E, Ground Slam, had its magic damage increased, as it now deals 30 more damage at the max level.

Yorick’s E, Mourning Mist, now slows more as the player puts skill points into it, with a total of 70 percent movement speed reduction at max level. With that amount of slowing, with the ghouls jumping on the target of his E, Yorick’s chase potential just went but substantially in the late game.

Shyvana had her base armor increased to 30. She’ll probably not see professional play any time soon though.

Two hot fixes that immediately made it to live

A couple of changes circumvented the PBE. The first is Singed, whose buffs apparently gave him a bit too much power. His base health has been reduced to 580, his health growth reduced to 85, and the cool down reduction time has increased.

The second is Nunu, who had the same reduction values as Singed in terms of base health and health growth, also had his base movement speed reduced down to 345.

Follow up on champions Riot wanted to touch-up

Miss Fortune’s attack speed boosts were reverted. To be fair, it seems like it has more to do with the current shenanigans with lethality items, as adjustments to Duskblade of Draktharr apparently made everybody an assassin. It’ll be interesting to see if Riot chooses to drop adjusting her.

Gangplank finally received the concrete buffs he was supposed to get. His passive, Trial by Fire, had its bonus true damage increased from 30-200 to 45-215. His lane bullying might have an uptick with this buff.

Thresh’s nerf was reverted, but before support mains rejoice, the reasoning is because of a bug fix that already nerfed him enough. So Riot chose not to add insult to injury.

Lux’s Q, Light Binding, also had its early level cool down timers reduced by a couple of seconds.

Zac received nerfs, as his Q, Stretching Strikes, had its cost increased from 4 percent of his health to 8 percent, and the cool down time increased one second at all levels. His W, Unstable Matter, was also hit in terms of damage across all levels. He was one of the champions Riot set out to nerf for the jungle, and more are certainly to join him on the nerf wagon.



Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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