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OGN APEX Season 4 teams finalized

The OGN APEX Season 4 teams have been finalized.
The 16 teams competing in Season 4 of OGN Overwatch APEX have been finalized.

The 16-team field for OGN Apex Season 4 has been finalized.

With the Season 3 championship awaiting to be decided July 29, the shape of Season 4 has become clear with the conclusion of OGN APEX Challengers League. As per last week’s announcement, foreign teams will no longer be invited, and Season 4 will feature only Korean teams. As per the new rules, the promotional tournament for Season 4 will not take place, and the top five teams from it will be automatically added to OGN APEX.

Luxury Watch Red, GC Busan, NC Foxes, ROX Orcas, and Meta Bellum are the five teams that will be join Lunatic-Hai, Kongdoo Panthera, Afreeca Freecs Blue, X6-Gaming, Luxury Watch Blue, Meta Athena, CONBOX, Runaway, MVP Space, Kongdoo Uncia, and Flash Lux to comprise Season 4 of APEX.

APEX Challengers is a secondary league that ran parallel to OGN APEX and allowed the top four teams of Challengers to compete against the bottom four teams of APEX. The eight teams were divided into two groups, and the top two qualified (or re-qualified) to APEX.

Teams such as Meta Athena and X6-Gaming received their starts in Challengers before qualifying for Season 2 and 3, respectively. Despite its humble beginnings, Meta Athena placed fourth in Season 2, and X-6 made it to the second group stage of Season 3, just short of the semifinals. The team list also comes a few days after Blizzard told Inven that the launching of Overwatch League would not force APEX to stop.


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