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Duskblade hot fix was made to make it ‘appropriately powerful’ on ranged League of Legends champions

Duskblade is receiving a hot fix in League of Legends.
Duskblade is receiving a hot fix in League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon explained Tuesday the hot fix to controversial item Duskblade of Draktharr, which has given attack damage carries way too much power in the game.

The hot fix, implemented Monday, was a direct hit to its passive damage output, but the balance team isn’t quite done with it. The item is on the list for further nerf considerations for Patch 7.15, and the latest Public Beta Environment update includes changes to the item’s passive damage output for ranged champions to be higher, but removes the extra slowing effect that comes with it.

Duskblade’s hot fix is in line with the promise that Riot will be more proactive with hot fixes in future, as it already hot fixed Singed not to long after the latest patch went live. Although hot fixes for items might “be harder to get a quick read on things with a more systemic effect like items” and thus take longer, it looks like they won’t be too few and far between.

Additional upcoming changes to 7.15 

Cho’gath might be getting a nerf — right after one of his abilities received a rework — due to being a bit too strong. As such, his E base and percentage damage will be getting shaved off. He was apparently on the list of champion hot fixes with Singed and Nunu, but he wasn’t getting out of hand fast enough.

The Lee Sin and Rek’sai nerfs will be pulled back for Patch 7.15 because of the resurgence of tank junglers like Sejuani. That is mostly due to the cost of Bami’s Cinder going down, and thus the tanking jungle item became much more attractive.

No Kayn changes in 7.15

The newest champion seems to be in a good spot, as players are having better win rates the more experience they have with him. Riot might look into him for 7.16, as it wants to look at the performance as the Shadow Assassin form of Kayn against the performance as Rhaast. Current performances seem to indicate Rhaast is doing much better than his counter part.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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