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Technical issues at PGL Major, SKT loses third match in a row

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PGL Major (CSGO)

Round 2

Natus Vincere 1:0 Flipsid3 (16-9)

Immortals 1:0 Vega Squadron (16-6)

BIG 1:0 Cloud9 (16-11)

Gambit 1:0 G2 (16-6)

SK Gaming 1:0 Astralis (16-8) 1:0 Fnatic (16-11)

Round 3

Penta 1:0 Vega Squadron (16-14)

Flipsid3 1:0 FaZe Clan (16-10)

League Champions Korea (LoL)

Jin Air Green Wings 2:0 SK Telecom T1


(All times Eastern)

PGL Major (CSGO)

Round 3

mousesports vs. North, 8 a.m.

Immortals vs. Natus Vincere, 9:30 a.m.

G2 cs. Cloud9, 11 a.m.

Astralis vs. Fnatic, 12:30 p.m. vs. Gambit, 2 p.m.

SK Gaming vs. Big, 3:30 p.m.

League Champions Korea (LoL)

bbq Olivers vs. Afreeca Freecs, 7 a.m.

KT Rolster vs. MVP, 4 a.m. Wednesday


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