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Changes to Kindred, Malphite, Udyr and Dr. Mundo all reverted in PBE

Malphite, Kindred and Dr. Mundo are among the champions to have their PBE changes reverted after a few days.
Malphite is among the League of Legends champions to have its changes reverted in the PBE. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

After Friday’s updates in League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment, many of the changes have been reverted. Kindred’s damage buff her to Q, Malphite’s magic damage buff to his E, Udyr’s changes to his W and E, Dr. Mundo’s changes to his W, and Yorick’s scaling slow on his E have all gone back to where they originally were. Whether or not those champions will get further changes down the line is unclear.

Lux gets a buff to her shield

Lux’s W, Prismatic Barrier, sends out a skill shot that shields both her and allies in a line, and another shield is applied as it comes back to Lux. This ability received a buff in the form of doubling the shield value on its way back if it shields an allied champion on the ability’s first cast.

This is more in line with how Riot Games initially wanted to buff Lux’s team fighting ability. The change incentivizes Lux players to group up with her team in order to shield as many allies as possible, with the added benefit of giving herself a bigger shield. It’s a rather savvy move by Riot to not touch her damaging abilities while giving an extra boost to her skill shot shield.

Rek’Sai changes again

Riot has continued the experimentation with Rek’Sai. Her Q while she’s burrowed, Prey Seeker, saw the ability power ratio go down from 70 percent to 40 percent, and the attack damage lowered from 50 percent to 40 percent.

Her ultimate was nerfed in the form of a longer cool down timer at Levels 2 and 3.

Shyvana buffs

Shyvana, the dragon lady who has been ignored for a long time, is receiving buffs this time around. Her E, Flame Breath, has new attack damage scaling with 30 percent of her AD in human form and dragon form, and an extra 10 percent of her AD on her scorched earth damage when she casts it as a dragon.

To compensate, the base damage of the ability as a dragon went from 100-2oo to 100-160.

Lissandra and Ezreal get more changes

Ezreal and Lissandra both received buffs Friday, and they’re still being tested. Lissandra got a mana per level increase buff to 60 from 58, while Ezreal had the cool down timer on his Q, Mystic Shot, slightly nerfed, though it’s still shorter than what’s live right now.

Duskblade gets a hot fix after outcry

A lot of people are upset about the Duskblade of Dratharr, as it’s a tad too strong. As such, the passive damage nerf was hot fixed in the current patch to 55-360 damage, and a new effect is on the PBE that lets ranged attacks do 65-360 damage, but doesn’t apply the slow anymore.

More changes are likely to come, and it’ll be interesting to see how the item will change to level it out.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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