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Krakow Major prediction retrospective Day 1

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

At the Krakow Major the eight teams I predicted to make the playoffs were: Astralis, SK, FaZe, G2, Fnatic, North, mouz and Gambit.

After Day 3, two teams were eliminated and two made it to the playoffs. The two eliminated were Vega and FaZe. The two who made it were Gambit and BIG. Vega going 0-3 was as expected. The shocking loss was FaZe going out 0-3 to BIG, mouz and Flipsid3. I thought FaZe was a sure lock for the playoffs, but everything broke down for them at this tournament.

As for Gambit, they beat Mouz, G2 and VP. The reason I predicted Gambit was because the team has always been good enough to beat a majority of these teams in a bo1. They have good skill across the board, teamwork, map pool and one of the great leaders in the game. The only thing I wasn’t hesitant about was that AdreN cooled down since his superstar peak earlier in the year. But even when I factored that in, I thought they had enough to squeak by. What I didn’t see coming was Gambit winning 3-0. AdreN has returned to his superstar form from earlier in the year and was the main player that put up the numbers to get Gambit to the playoffs.

BIG was someone I had going out. As a team, everything I saw in the run up to the Major told me that had good teamwork, good structure and a great leader. The reason I picked against BIG was that the firepower didn’t seem strong enough to make it.  The only player I thought could play at this level consistently was Tabsen. Beyond that I wasn’t expecting much from nex who always underperformed at this level, and keev who is inconsistent. Beyond them gob b and legija are role players. Across the board, a lot of them were also inexperienced and that plays a bigger factor at something like the Major where the pressure is higher. The only caveat I had was that gob as a player seems to have improved his fragging power in recent events at the Minor and Major qualifier. I haven’t watched enough of his games to know if it is because his form has increased or if it is because the tactics and structure of the team has been nailed down so that he can control where and how to get kills and remain effective in the game.

The biggest factor to BIG’s advancement was the fact that they have conquered inferno. Inferno was one of the two most contested maps among all teams at the Major. No one had mastered the map yet, but after winning three games on the map, BIG have put themselves as one of the teams best at the map. The map itself is a tactical map on both sides of the server. The CT-side relies on strong setups, reads of information and adaptation to what the T-side is doing. T-side is about taking map control in a smart way and executing executes and varying up how you run the various plays you have. BIG have gob who is a master at both and a lot of what he did was fresh, especially against the higher level teams.


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