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Meta Athena coach clarifies roster changes

Meta Athena coach clarifies roster changes
The coach for Meta Athena posted on Inven to clarify his team's roster changes.

Jeong Hyeong-soo, head coach for Meta Athena and Meta Bellum, posted on Inven Tuesday about some changes to the teams that will happen going forward for the sake of “transparency for the fans.”

According to the post, support player Kim “NUS” Jong-seo has decided to let his contract with Meta Athena to expire. Cho “Hyunu” Hyeon-woo, former support of wNv, will take his place, with the official announcement of NUS’s departure set to take place on Friday.

DPS Ha “Sayaplayer” Jeong-woo also contemplated leaving the team, as Jeong said Sayaplayer recently “received a good offer from a foreign team,” and said that the team wished to respect his decision “no matter what the contract (with Meta Athena) had stipulated.” Fortunately for Meta Athena, Sayaplayer decided to stay with the team after a couple of days of contemplation.

The departure of NUS and the potential departure from Sayaplayer impacted the team’s decision to not compete in the Nexus Cup, as the team unanimously decided to skip the tournament.

For Meta Bellum, Seong “Klocky” Joon-mo has also been “relegated as a seventh man” due to reasons that “cannot be disclosed” in a public forum, and his replacement will be picked through the open call post looking for a DPS the organization made Friday.

In regards to Meta’s open call for a DPS player, two tests will take place for the benefit for Meta Bellum and Meta Athena because Sayaplayer personally said that he wanted to compete against any newcomers who might be better than he is. Jeong specified that any considerations for Sayaplayer’s position will have to take into account their teamwork with the team as well as their individual skill, which must be “clearly above Sayaplayer.”

In terms of coaches for the team, Kang “Vol’Jin” Min-kyu joined the team Saturday, and Shin “RoyalLord” Seon-jae parted ways with the team the next day.


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