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Doomfist available July 27 to all Overwatch players

Doomfist is available to play in Overwatch starting July 27
Overwatch players will finally see Doomfist enter the live game on July 27. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Blizzard announced Tuesday the newest Overwatch hero, Doomfist, will be available to play starting July 27.

The announcement also included a four and half minute video package that chronicled the development cycle of Doomfist from a throw-in name in the first animated cinematic for Overwatch to a full-blown character. Doomfist has amassed a large fan following since the first mention of him, as players were enamored with who Doomfist was and if he would be one day released for play.

Doomfist was introduced in the game’s Public Test Realm on July 6, along with an animated video teasing what kind of role he plays in the world of Overwatch. His abilities — unsurprisingly — are centered around his massive gauntlet, and he is classified as an offensive hero as players are incentivized to get into the enemy back line and deal as much damage as they can with his gauntlet.

Lore-wise, Doomfist hails from Nigeria and holds the belief that humanity can only grow stronger through conflict. He wishes to lift humanity to a higher level through it. This put him at odds with Overwatch, a global peacekeeping force, and it was none other than Winston who put Doomfist behind bars, as fans learned upon his introduction.

As a prominent leader of the mercenary group Talon in the Overwatch universe, he has recently been broken out of his containment unit by Reaper, and has reclaimed his gauntlet. Questions surrounding Doomfist sparked again recently after a teaser was released before the official announcement. Although Terry Crews lobbied to do the voice of Doomfist, it was revealed the actor behind the character’s voice was Sahr Ngaujah.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard.


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