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bbq Olivers receive $4,400 bonus from sponsor company to “congratulate on their win and encourage further success.”

The sponsor company of the bbq Olivers gave the team a $4,400 bonus and free chicken.
The summer LCK split has been bad for the bbq Olivers, but its sponsor company has given the team a monetary bonus anyway.

The League Champions Korea summer split has been bad for the bbq Olivers. Their sponsor company has tried to boost morale in the form of a monetary bonus.

BBQ, the Korean fried Chicken chain, announced Tuesday it will give further support to its League of Legends team, the bbq Olivers, according to a report from inews 24’s Park Joon-yeong. The announcement followed the team’s 2-0 victory against the Jin Air Green Wings on Saturday, and the “support” will come in the form of 5 million won (roughly $4,444) and chicken delivered for the players in order “to congratulate on their win and encourage further success.”

Part of the announcement was the appointment of 20 fans as the official supporters of the team, a group that will actively attend the team’s games to boost morale.

A small event for the fans will also take place on Facebook, where fans can post photos of themselves watching the bbq Olivers’ games while eating the company’s brand of chicken to have a chance of winning coupons.

The bbq Olivers were formerly known as ESC Ever until the organization was purchased in January by the fast food chain and rebranded. The logo became a bit of a hot topic, and the company explained it was meant to represent “the tenacity, bravery and fighting spirit of a rooster.”

But any fervor about the team soon evaporated, as the Olivers struggled for much of the season. They sit in eighth place with a record of 3-10 and are coming off a loss to the Afreeca Freecs on Tuesday. Whether or not the company’s increased support has anything to do with the team’s performance is unclear, but it sure seems like it might.


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