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Khan on his fun-loving personality: “I think it’s almost a genetic feature in the family.”

Khan's cheerful personality comes from genetics, he says.
Khan's cheerful personality comes from genetics, the Longzhu Gaming top laner says.

Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, the increasingly popular top lander for Longzhu Gaming, said his refreshing and delightful nature is genetic.

In a video interview with Inven, when asked for the source of his cheerful personality, Khan said it’s something that comes with the family name.

“I feel like it’s almost a genetic feature in the family,” he said. “Everyone in my household is cheerful, so I think it rubbed off on me.”

Khan displayed great skill with Jayce in particular during a 2-0 win against the bbq Olivers last week, as he continued to outplay his opponents, netting him the MVP nomination for the overall match. Khan has a record of 7-0 on Jayce, and he said Jayce is a perfect fit for his “very aggressive play style.”

On the topic of aggressive top laners, Khan was asked his opinion of top lane Yasuo, a pick recently used by the Jin Air Green Wings against KT Rolster. Khan admitted he “of course” liked Yasuo, but he wasn’t all that versed in using him and shared the strategic uses of Yasuo to a team.

“I think it depends on how you use him, but he tends to rely on his W (Wind Wall), which makes me think that he’s very good at blocking damage from hyper carries, like Kog’maw or Twitch,” he said. “I think he’s a surprise pick that can be pulled out at any time in competitive play.”

With Longzhu enjoying unprecedented success in the League Champions Korea summer split, Khan is often mentioned as one of the main reasons why. With a lot of attention on himself, despite Khan’s confidence, he refuses to be over-confident and said he keeps a cold, calculating eye on his own performances.

“There’s only been maybe one or two times where I gave my performance a 10 out of 10,” he said. “There have been many games where I left unsatisfied.”


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