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Krakow Major Group Stages Round 4

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Stage 4 of the PGL Krakow Major group stage has ended. The three teams eliminated were mouz, Penta and Na’Vi. The three teams that moved on were Astralis, North and SK. I’ll go over my predictions and how the results played out compared to what I thought.

For reference, the eight teams I picked to move on were: Astralis, FaZe, G2, SK, Fnatic, North, Gambit and Mouz.

Mouz being eliminated is a bit surprising as I think they are a good team, but they weren’t as impressive as they were in the previous tournaments. The inexperience seemed to get to them, and they didn’t play up to the level I saw from them in previous tournaments. Penta played out as expected. There were times they showed good games, but they had no real chance to make it out of groups. Na’Vi was someone I picked against in the Krakow Major despite their resurgent form at ESL One Cologne. The reason was because beyond s1mple, I don’t believe in any consistency in their firepower. GuardiaN has had a few good tournaments, flamie is on and off, and seized has been in the worst form of his career since being forced into the in-game leader role. Edward has been good for his role, but he’s not someone who could be relied upon as a second star. Teams can make it through the group stage without all players firing off, but to do that they need strong teamwork and tactics, which Na’Vi lacks. So it really was based on their skill, and no one showed up enough to help s1mple take Na’Vi to playoffs.

As for the teams that moved on, Astralis was a for sure lock, and the match against G2 was easier than expected. G2 didn’t have an answer for Astralis on either side of inferno. North was someone I had going through barely. There are real problems in this team, but the overall skill in the lineup, MSL’s tactics and the wide map pool were enough for me to believe that they could make it through. In their decider match against VP, VP showed strong mid control in the early half of their CT-side. MSL adapted and after winning an aim duel in mid to win one round. The following round had North hit A with a fast execute. This broke down the VP CT-side as they struggled to adapt. Pasha was able to get opening picks in the closing rounds of the match to put VP in power play positions where they won out the CT-side. The T-side of VP started off terribly. There was some slop going on and small mistakes that hurt him. They weren’t able to take mid control as aizy in connector was too hard to deal with. Instead they started to hit the wings of the map and rally some rounds that way, but eventually MSL figured it out and the team started to play full on retakes on the A execute and then finish the CT-side.

SK beat IMT to qualify, though the game felt closer than the score might lead you to believe. Felps was godlike.


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