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Krakow Major Groups Round 5

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

The Krakow Major group stage is over. The final teams that made it are: Fnatic, Virtus.Pro and Immortals. The eliminated teams were: G2, Cloud 9 and Flipsid3.

Among the six teams remaining, the teams I had penned into the playoffs were Fnatic and G2. Fnatic was finally able to pull it off by beating G2. The played the way I expected throughout the group stages where they lived or died off of their individual playmaking. As for G2, I thought they were a lock to get into the playoffs. Even with a tough draw, they continued problems that the team has shown throughout the year. They continuously forcebuy themselves into oblivion, which is especially painful on CT-side. They win forcebuys often enough that it convinces them to keep doing this. shox has become less and less of an impact player as time has gone on despite having the talent and skill to be among the best players in the world. Overall, a disappointing outing even considering the team draws.

As for the rest, I had all four to be eliminated in the group stage. I chose against VP because they have been in the worst slump I have ever seen and snax hasn’t been a consistent star force for them. Throughout their run, I’d say Snax wasn’t the superstar player. On the other hand Pasha has been the consistent star power for the team and he was joined in different games by each of the different players on the roster. More importantly, I think that the team has cleaned up a lot of their team play aspects and Snax as a leader seems to have given them the new look they needed for now. As for Cloud9, I thought they showed a lot of improvement as a team at ESL One Cologne. My problem with them was that I didn’t believe that they could get both shroud and n0thing to play on that level throughout an entire tournament. N0thing was OK at this event, but shroud returned to his average self. So while the team identity is better, the individual parts weren’t strong enough to carry it through this time.

For Flipsid3, I didn’t think they had a chance to get it to playoffs. Tactically they are good, but in firepower they were too outmatched. For Immortals, I thought it was possible but it would depend on form and who they drew. They had enough to get past Na`Vi and got two good draws against Vega and Flipsid3 to make it. So while I didn’t have them make it through, if you told me the draws before hand I’d have picked them.


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