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KT Rolster’s coach is secretly sabotaging Score, according to Korea’s latest meme

The latest meme to come out of Korea paints KT Rolster's head coach as saboteur of Score's career.
The latest meme to come out of Korea paints KT Rolster's head coach as saboteur of Score's career. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Korean League of Legends fans have resorted to creating a meme about KT Rolster‘s own coach sabotaging his jungler to explain why Go “Score” Dong-bin has never won a tournament.

Score is iconic in the Korean League of Legends community, and though he’s regarded as one of the best junglers in the world, he has never won a major tournament of any kind. He’s placed second a handful of times, including in the spring split of League Champions Korea, but he’s never won. He attended the League of Legends World Championship with KT Rolster in 2015, for which KT qualified as the No. 3 seed from Korea. Even at Rift Rivals, when all the Korean teams were on the same side, Score still didn’t win, as China defeated Korea.

Score finishing second has become a meme of its own in Korea — and even in the West, to a lesser extent — but one has to wonder why Score and first place are just never in the same sentence. Another meme has surfaced, one that says a much sinister force is behind Score’s journey to first place in the LCK, a force that comes within the team itself.

Online League of Legends communities have joked that KT’s head coach, Lee Ji-hoon, is intentionally preventing Score from getting first through nefarious means. Fans of KT now often jokingly reference him as the “true villain,” and use a hilariously-timed photo from Daily eSports of Lee standing behind Score with a rather dark expression on his face.

Captions surface after KT wins a match about Lee allegedly thinking aloud about how he can prevent Score from winning a championship. Most recently, when Score debuted Skarner on Wednesday against MVP, a post read that Lee forced Score to play Skarner expecting him to lose, but was subsequently disappointed as Score made it work.

Narratively it fits almost too perfectly. Score is the only member of KT who has been with the team since the beginning, and coach Lee was with him the entire way. If there was some unknown force preventing Score from winning a championship, Lee would likely be able to control it.

Obviously, all the posts are in good fun, and the meme takes an entertaining spin on a player desperate for a tournament win. KT fans have been working on coping mechanisms for the team’s numerous second place finishes, and this might just be the funniest.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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