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Cody Sun on Immortals’ Week 6 rebound: “We went back to what had been working, which was just follow (Xmithie), give him information and then he’ll make the call.”

Cody Sun said Immortals went back to following Xmithie.
Cody Sun said Immortals went back to following Xmithie's lead in its Week 6 wins. Photo courtesy of Riot Games/Slingshot illustration.

Immortals continued to stay on the path toward the North American League of Legends Championship Series playoffs with an important Week 6 win over Cloud9. The team now owns the head-to-head edge against C9 and sits in second place, just behind Team SoloMid. Slingshot’s Emily Rand caught up with Immortals’ AD carry Cody “Cody Sun” Sun to talk about the team’s win.

Emily Rand: How are you guys feeling now that you’re one step closer to clinching one of those top two spots for playoffs?

Cody “Cody Sun” Sun: Hmm. I feel decent. It’s pretty nice to beat C9 but we still have to practice hard. I guess the wins really weren’t that clean from our part. We just ended up having better team fighting, and they had some pretty bad team fights, so we were able to come back and win.

ER: You still had a really successful Week 6. What was the Rift Rivals break like for you and the team?

CS: The break was pretty good for us. We practiced against most of the teams that didn’t go and the Challenger teams. I think we practiced pretty well these two weeks. We were able to play pretty well.

ER: Do you think this helped against C9 or did it just come down to the few baron calls and team fights?

CS: I do think we improved our team fighting and macro a bit more these two weeks. It seemed like even when C9 had a pretty big lead, they were too slow to close out the games and we weren’t really pressured to do much, even when we were behind. When we had a lead, we just felt really confident that we could pressure them really hard and get something and close out the game.

ER: One thing you brought out today that hasn’t been as successful in North America was the Kog’Maw. Why did you decide to stick with this specific champion?

CS: First of all, I put in the time to practice the champion. I think a lot of other AD carries don’t have the same practice on Kog’Maw and they’re not as confident in it. Kog’Maw, you have to play really safe when you don’t have W up and play really aggressive when you do have it up, but also not get caught and die. I feel like they’re not as confident on the champion, so most of them stick to Tristana or something else.

ER: In these games, they targeted your Kog’Maw a lot. How do you keep your cool and stay focused on the team during these times?

CS: I don’t really get affected that much even if I die once or twice early game. I know that, come mid game, I’ll be able to farm way better than the enemy AD and we’ll be able to funnel resources to me. Sometimes Olleh used to mess up CS in lane, and in the beginning I was super tilted. He would just miss a CS with Targon’s or on Bard he would Q a CS. In the beginning, I was super tilted and then I had a talk with him. I figured out that it’s just one CS, two CS. He knows that I’m able to get all of the CS back mid game and late game, I’ll be able to perform better in team fights. Even if I die, once or twice now, it really doesn’t affect me.

ER: When I talked to Olleh two weeks ago, he said that he could turn you into the best AD carry in the world. What is your working relationship with him like, and how do you feel like the duo lane has progressed?

CS: I mean, Olleh likes to exaggerate things a lot. Working with him is pretty enjoyable. In the spring split we had a lot of disagreements and arguments but we kept working on it day by day and now we’re super close with each other and we talk about anything that affects us. We just work it out and get better.

ER: Lastly, you pointed out on broadcast that a lot of your game is still centered around Jake “Xmithie” Puchero. Is he still leading the team in game?

CS: Yeah, actually in our practice, sometimes we would be ahead too much and then people would make separate calls. Flame wants to do something, Eugene wants to do something, bot lane wants to do something, and Jake is just trying to get everyone on the same page. We actually had some issues this past week trying to figure everything out. Coming into our matches this week we went back to what had been working, which was just follow Jake, give him information and then he’ll make the call. I think that’s a lot better than everyone making their own calls.

COver photo courtesy of Riot Games/Slingshot illustration