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Users who purchased League of Legends runes since May 21 will be refunded

League f Legends players who purchased runes after May 21 will be refunded.
League f Legends players who purchased runes after May 21 will be refunded. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

With League of Legends’ new Runes and Masteries system being reworked and made free, users who have purchased runes for IP, the in-game currency, since May 21 will be eligible for a full refund, according to a recent dev blog post.

This refund system is effective now, and the announcement encourages players to buy the runes they want or need because they will receive refunds. At some point between now and when the new runes get patched in (at a still undetermined date), Riot will cut the price for runes. Any runes purchased after that point will not be eligible for a refund. As for rune pages, they are planned to carry over to the new upcoming system. As such, those purchases will not be refunded.

Before the overhaul, the old rune system allowed players to buy runes in three different tiers in order to augment the statistics for the champions they play. The runes have been only purchasable with Influence Points, or IP, which are rewarded to players as they play games.

This currency is also a way to unlock champions, as not all of them are unlocked from the beginning for all players. Some have often complained about how crucial the runes are to the competitive game modes while being quite expensive to purchase.

It’s worth noting that any rune purchases before May 21 will not be refunded, and those purchases will be effectively useless in the new system. Whether or not those players will be rewarded in another way is unclear.

Riot has made plenty of progress on the new rune system, announcing two new runes so far, including one Thursday named Hunt of the Blood Moon. Players will also be able to go into gold debt to buy new items.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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