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New League of Legends rune, Hunt of the Blood Moon, lets you move faster and hit harder

A new League of Legends rune, Hunt of the Blood Moon, lets you move faster and hit harder.
A new League of Legends rune, Hunt of the Blood Moon, lets you move faster and hit harder.

Amid the revamp of League of Legends’ runes and masteries system, Riot Games revealed Wednesday the latest addition called Hunt of the Blood Moon.

The post explains how the new Keystone Rune works. The effect can be activated and enchants the user’s boots, which allow the player to channel for three seconds to gain a 35 percent boost to movement speed for 15 seconds. Damaging attacks or abilities end the effect of the rune after dealing damage based on the level of the user. The damage is further amplified by a portion of the attack damage and ability power of the player.

The cool down of the rune is quite substantial, as it lasts three minutes. Enemies can stop the ability by damaging the player while they are trying to channel the activation, or by interrupting them. When activated and within a certain range of the potential victim, they will be alerted to the danger through a visual and audio cue, just like Warwick’s ability that marks low HP champions.

What’s interesting is that boots will be a prerequisite for the activation, as it is specifically an enchantment to the user’s boots. Because this is an ability that massively augments the user in many ways, a way to curb its frequency would be necessary. After extensive experimentation, Riot came to the conclusion that a trigger tied to an item that nearly every champion buys with a long cool down time would do the trick.

According to the post, this is only one example of a Keystone rune under the Domination tree, which is then divided into three subgroups; snowball, hunt, and burst. Hunt of the Blood Moon falls under the second category, and more runes will come to assist aggression laners and assassins in the future.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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