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Malphite and Maokai in line for changes in League of Legends Patch 7.16

Malphite and Maokai could be in line for changes in League of Legends patch 7.16.
Malphite and Maokai could be in line for changes in League of Legends patch 7.16. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Although League of Legends is on Patch 7.14, part of the dev team’s focus is two patches down the line, and Malphite and Maokai could be altered in Patch 7.16.

With 7.15 panned to be a large scale patch, Riot’s Andrei “Meddler” van Roon wrote that the team will take Patch 7.16 in a more responsive direction, analyzing the changes in 7.15 and how they work. Champions such as Jayce, Thresh, Galio, Elise, Kalista and Caitlyn will be under close investigation for 7.16.

Malphite will be on the list of changes for 7.16, giving more of a skill expression to his kit, as he has very simplistic abilities at the moment. The changes are teased to be potentially like the new Garen W, which added a slight timing mechanic to maximize utility.

Maokai will likely receive a nerf on his Q damage or cool down. That seems to come from the fact that Maokai is a viable jungle choice with the new Cinderhulk pricing changes, and he might get scaled down depending on the circumstances.

The larger impacts of the Cinderhulk enchantment for junglers, mid laners and long ranged supports will all be analyzed on a role-by-role basis. We’ve already seen the resurgence of tank junglers with Bami’s Cinder becoming more cost effective. Syndra and Orianna have been way too dominant or reliable in the mid lane, and tank supports have been mostly dominating the bottom lane, so those might be good places for Riot to start.

Of course the Duskblade of Draktharr is getting a slew of adjustments in 7.15, so seeing if the nerfs are enough or if the item needs more in the next patch will be on the list.

Spectator Mode gets a clean up

Riot will remove a few dozen team indicators from spectator view only. League is already a visually cluttered game, the thinking goes, so removing some indicators are in order. The changes are set to hit the Public Beta Environment soon, so feedback will be needed to further improve the system.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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