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Riot Games lead designer addresses complaints about rune refunds

Riot Games' lead designer addressed complaints about the new rune refunds.
Riot Games' lead designer addressed complaints about the new rune refunds. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, lead game designer for Riot Games, replied to a forum post about what will be offered to players who won’t be refunded for their purchases before the overhaul of the League of Legends rune system.

After Riot Games announced that anyone who purchased runes since May 21 will receive refunds when the new system launches, users who purchased runes before that date became upset about not receiving anything for their purchases, which will also be useless in the new system. Ghostcrawler explained the business side of rune purchases and wrote that the company will face financial risk with the new system changes, and that in fact they will be losing money on this new venture, as they make runes completely free for all players.

“Now we are making some other changes to the system, but overall, Riot is losing money on this deal,” he wrote. “Potentially a lot of money. This was something we had to talk about a lot internally, but everyone was ultimately behind the decision, all the way to Tryndamere and Ryze. I don’t want to make too big of a deal out of this, but if we seem cautious with some of our decisions here, this is part of the reason why. (Another big one obviously is that we are taking a gamble by overhauling such a core part of the game for something that we believe will be better.)”

One of the most controversial decision is that Rune Pages will carry over directly to the new system, and thus will not be refunded. Since the new rune system will be adjustable on the fly, like the current iteration of masteries, players have raised concerns of what the point of rune pages were, as currently, runes can only be altered outside of matchmaking. Ghostcrawler assured the players that Riot does think rune pages have a role in the new runes system, and that they would have “absolutely just kill them as a feature” if they thought it was a senseless cash-grab.

Ghostcrawler said Riot would give the people who bought runes before May 21 something, but the reward was not initially specified.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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