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First Korean player to win two EA Champions Cups was inspired by Faker

FIFA champ sites Faker as inspiration for work ethic
FIFA champ sites Faker as inspiration for work ethic

The first Korean player to win two EA Champions Cups, Lee Sang-tae, said that he was inspired to continue working hard thanks to the comments of League of Legends star Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, reports Daily eSports’ Lee So-ra.

During the EA Champions Cup Summer 2017, a FIFA Online 3 tournament, Lee managed to bring Korea a second championship trophy following one from last year’s winter championship on July 23. Lee had an incredible performance during the semi and grand finals, playing a large part in bringing the trophy home as a representative of Korea.

During a personal stream, Lee reportedly said that the words of Faker resonated deeply with him as he fell into a slump after a triumph in the spring.

“After my first EACC I got over confident and started playing other games,” he said. “I thought that it would be ok since I wasn’t abandoning FIFA Online 3, and simply enjoying other games during my time off.”

Lee then said that he came across Faker’s stream by pure chance, where a fan asked Faker if he was also going to play PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS like many of his other teammates were doing. Faker apparently replied that he doesn’t play any other game during the season, and that the only way to succeed is to solely focus on League of Legends.

Faker’s comment apparently came across as a huge shock to Lee, who then gave his accounts for other games to another person.

“As I heard a player who was at the top of the world say how hard he was working, I reflected on how I wasn’t doing so,” Lee said. “After playing nothing but FIFA Online 3, I came in first in the qualifier to be Korea’s representative in the next EACC, and now I’ve been able to achieve a championship.”

Faker has been a role model for the Korean esports community for a long time, due to his professional mindset and work ethic. His influence doesn’t seem to end at just League of Legends players, but also transcends the very games that people in Korea play.


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