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PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS climbing the PC bang rankings

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS continues its upward trajectory in Korea, rising again in the PC bang usage rankings.

In the most recent report from Daily eSports’ weekly recap of PC Bang usage rates through data provided by Gametrics, PUBG was seen at number five for the average play rates in PC bangs in the past week. This puts PUBG ahead of mainstays such as StarCraft and Maple Story and just half a percent behind¬†Sudden Attack, the online shooter of choice in South Korea.

PUBG has been making a large splash across the west and east, as prominent streamers have picked up the game. In Korea known names such as Apdo — the one of the best League of Legends players in the world — have started streams as well.

This is a continued upwards trend, as the previous report¬†placed Pubg at number six in the PC Bang rankings. The report commented that the presence of PUBG wasn’t a surprise, but merely hard to isolate in terms of play rates, as it was being lumped together with other games that uses Steam as a platform.

However there maybe a slight downturn for PUBG in the future as well. According to this week’s report, there are some PC bang operators that buy the game and then lend it out to patrons, which is against the rules. PUBG’s developer Blue Hole have already said that they will curb such actions, which might explain any future drops in average play rates. Any players who wish to enjoy the game will have to purchase it themselves.


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