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Popular Overwatch streamer DSPStanky to take a step back from Overwatch

DSPStanky to take a step back from Overwatch
DSPStanky to take a step back from Overwatch

One of the most popular Overwatch streamers and YouTubers, DSPStanky on Monday said that he’ll be taking a step back from Overwatch.

“Long story short, I’m going to be moving away from Overwatch in the coming months,” he wrote. “I can feel my own personal enjoyment of the game fading, and also I think my relevancy to the scene has run it’s course as well. I’d like to make a graceful exit instead of waiting until I have a meltdown on stream or something similar.”

DSPStanky rose to prominence as he was dubbed “the best Lucio in NA” by the community, as he displayed masterful control over the support hero in Overwatch. Although he primarily played on the console version of Overwatch, he famously proved his detractors wrong by successfully pulling off the same level of play on the PC version as well in a video titled “Vindication.”

He also previously tried to make the transition to competitive Overwatch, but he posted on May 22 that he decided against it due to burnout, citing that the 65 to 70 hour weeks took a tole on his health, and even resulted in him quitting his full time job.

The sentiments of DSPStanky are reflected in professionals players as well, who have been forthcoming about their own cases of burnout. Most famously Team EnVyUs’ Timo “Taimou” Kettunen talked about his burnout, and the coach for Korea’s Lunatic-Hai Chae “alwaysoov” Ho-jeong said that his players are getting increasingly tired of the game due to a stagnant meta.

DSPStanky also wrote that he won’t be giving up the game cold turkey and will continue streaming it, but he will also be playing a larger variety of different games in the time to come. For those fans who came and stayed for his Lucio plays, he even added a list of other talented Lucio players for his followers.


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