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Zarya will get her own digital comic soon

Zarya will get her own digital comic soon
Zarya will get her own digital comic soon

Following an Overwatch panel at San Diego Comic Con, which showed a static comic panel featuring Zarya standing in front of an Omnic, Overwatch’s lead writer Michael Chu said the Zarya comic is “not a rumor.”

Fans were abuzz after a picture of a potential Zarya comic was shown at SDCC, leading to a particularly excited fan to talk about what kind of story might be in store on the Overwatch forums. As a reply, Chu said that the Zarya comic is indeed on the way and that an Augmented Reality Game — like they did for Sombra’s release — hasn’t been planned.

The exact details as to what the comic will be about is still not clear, although there are some character story lines that make Zarya intriguing. In her story, Zarya had her village destroyed by Omnics during the Omnic Crisis, which led to wearing her distrust of the androids on her sleeve, which can be seen in her voice lines and interactions with other heroes. Seeing such a character in a panel where she is standing in front of an Omnic as if she is protecting it raises some questions.

Another facet is that she was featured at the end of the Sombra animated short, as she was called in by Volskaya Industries CEO Katya Volskaya, after an assassination attempt by the members of Talon was spoiled.  Also seen in the panel is the symbol of Sombra, in what seems to be in Dorado, a location in the game. Speculation is abound that perhaps Zarya is protecting the Omnic in order to oppose Sombra.

The details of Zarya’s involvement is currently only known by the writers,¬†Katya Volskaya, and Zarya herself, and it’ll be interesting to see how one of the most popular characters in Overwatch will be depicted.


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