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Potential changes to Yasuo and Fiora in League of Legends patch 7.16

Changes may be coming to Yasuo, Fiora in patch 7.16
Changes may be coming to Yasuo, Fiora in patch 7.16

With patch 7.15 hitting the live servers on Wednesday morning, it’s already time to discuss the next patch. In a Quick Gameplay Thoughts post by Andrei “Medler’ van Roon on Tuesday, he talked about two champions that might get some looks in 7.16.

First off is Fiora. After some long deserved nerfs to her mobility in patch 7.14 Meddler writes that the nerfs hit her too hard. They will be giving her some mobility back as part of her passive, but the movement speed buff when she’s around targets that she used her ultimate skill on will be off the table.

In a more lengthy paragraph Meddler wrote about what the team wants to do with the most hated champion in all of League, Yasuo. They’re thinking of making his Wind Wall weaker, but making it more frequent. The idea is to make him stronger against ranged champions but tool him downward against melee champions so that there is a clear way to deal with him. A more comprehensive change might be on the way, but not any time soon.

Udyr changes don’t stick for a reasonĀ 

Udyr changes have just been going back and forth with not a single change making its way to the live patch. For now he won’t be touched until after 7.18. The decision comes out of consideration to those working on Azir, Le Blanc, and more champion changes in the works. The release timing of changes in 7.19 will be in the order of Udyr, Azir, and Le Blanc.

Portraits in head up displays now change based on what skin you use

Previously, the portrait of the champion you play has remained as the default artwork regardless of what skin you’re using, That is no longer, as the portrait will show the skin’s artwork instead of the default one.


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