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New Pentakill Kayle skin teased on League of Legends Facebook page

Pentakill, the fictional metal band in the world of League of Legends, will get a new member in Kayle based on a skin teaser on the League of Legends Facebook page.

A Facebook post on the official League Facebook page showed a video of Kayle grabbing hold of her sword that also doubles as a microphone, and a showcase of all of her skills that seem to confirm Kayle as the newest vocalist for the band.

From what the teaser video is showing, the skin gives her new spell effects, particle effects, and a unique recall animation that results in Kayle wildly headbanging.

Pentakill is the metal band in League of Legends in a parallel universe consisting of five members; Mordekaiser, Karthus, Sona, Olaf, and Yorick. What was initially a skin line spawned an actual metal album in June of 2014 with the album “Smite and Ignite.” The album was met with critical acclaim among League players, with many asking when the next album was set for release.

On Friday, Pentakill announced that it will be getting another album titled “Grasp of the undying.” So far two singles have been posted on YouTube titled “The Bloodthirster” and “Tear of the Goddess,” with no set release date for the new album. The entire previous album is available for free on Soundcloud, and the new album is expected to be free as well.


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