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Three new Battle Boss skins to hit League of Legends PBE

Three new Battle Boss skins are set to hit League of Legends’ Public Beta Environment, according to an Instagram video post on League’s official account.

The three champions getting the skins will be Brand, Malzahar, and Ziggs. All three champions will get brand new spell effects, visual effects, sound effects, and unique recalls as well. The skins, like the arcade skin line as well as the first Battle Boss Blitzcrank, are heavily influenced by classic video games, with references to games like Bomberman and the Megaman series.

The Arcade skins have been steadily expanding over time, and now includes Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Hecarim, Corki, Ahri, and Riven, who are all designed like they are protagonists of video games, with vibrant colors and flashy effects. The new Battle Boss skin line, as well as the Final Boss Veigar skin seem to be more of an antagonistic foil to the arcade skin line with much darker colors.

The release date of the new skins are not yet public, but as they are hitting the PBE soon in search of bug tests and with the new patch hitting on Wednesday, it seems players don’t have to wait too long until they buy the new fancy skins.


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