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Cinderhulk nerfs, Sion buffs possible in League of Legends Patch 7.16

Sion and Cinderhulk are in line for changes in League of Legends Patch 7.16.
Sion and Cinderhulk are in line for changes in League of Legends Patch 7.16. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Tentative changes for League of Legends Patch 7.16 are live on the Public Beta Environment. Just as with Patch 7.15, a large number of tweaks are set for many champions who are a bit too dominant in professional play.

The most interesting is the price hike on the Cinderhulk enchantment. As the price for Bami’s Cinder and the overall cost for Cinderhulk went down, the popularity of tanking junglers such as Sejuani and Maokai became much stronger, but perhaps too strong.

The change stands at increasing the price to 2,500 gold, which is up from the current value of 2,425, but also noticeably smaller than it was before when it was 2,625. Perhaps it’s a way to curb the tank junglers just a bit to create more jungle variety.

A bunch of nerfs in the mid lane

The mid lane has become stale, while some champions are doing a bit too well at the current moment. As such, a number of nerfs found their way into the mid lane champions.

Corki’s base damage was reduced to 56, Galio’s E does less damage at all ranks, Syndra’s ultimate had its minimal damage lowered at all ranks, as well as the magic damage that is applied per sphere at all levels.

The more interesting nerfs come to Taliyah and Leblanc. Taliyah’s Q now has an increased mana cost at all ranks, and Leblanc’s Q does less damage to minions from 80 percent to 60. Both are hits to the two champions’ ability to wave clear. Both champions are quite good at pushing lanes to create pockets of time to roam, and it looks like Riot Games is testing to tie them down to the mid lane a bit more.

Orianna also received an interesting nerf, as the damage for her Q was hit by reducing the damage dealt by 15 percent per enemy unit — which includes minions — to a minimum of 40 percent. This hits the wave clear a bit but also keeps Orianna’s enemies a bit more safe when there are targets between Orianna’s ball and its target.

Buffs to Sion, Fizz, and VI

Three champions received buffs so far. Fizz’s Q’s cool down time was reduced at all ranks. Usually used as a gap closer or escape tool, this will probably give him a larger window to dodge in and out. VI’s ultimate cool down time was reduced at all ranks as well.

Sion received the largest buff in two ways. The first is the passive effect on his W, which gives him a permanent boost to his health when he kills a minion, jungle monster, or champion. The bonus health went from two to three per minion kill, which seems small — but a buff is a buff.

The second is to his ult, as the damage dealt to champions increased at all ranks to a maximum of 1,200 damage at rank three. This comes with an asterisk, as it’s an increase of the maximum amount of damage, as it starts at a smaller amount and steadily increases based on the distance he travels with his ultimate. Not unlike Ashe’s ultimate, it might be interesting to see if teams coordinate to deal the most amount of damage and crowd control.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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