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Overwatch map Ilios Ruins to have one-sided sniping advantage removed

Ilios Ruins will receive changes to alter a perceived sniping advantage.
Ilios Ruins will receive changes to alter a perceived sniping advantage.

Overwatch map Ilios Ruins will receive some changes in the form of line-of-sight blocking terrain so that long distance sniping is no longer an attractive option for only one side.

A post on the official Overwatch forums complaining about the blatantly one-sided advantage for snipers caught the eyes of game director Jeff Kaplan and principle level designer Dave Adams. The post included an imgur link detailing just how easy it is for one side to snipe out the opposition, while the other side is completely blocked off, leaving it to chance to see the side on which the players will spawn.

Kaplan initially responded to the post by saying the Overwatch team will “check it out” despite there not being any “statistical imbalance” based on map stats. That was later followed by Adams’ reply detailing the type of changes that will be implemented soon.

“Made the trees smaller so they are no longer blocking either side,” Adams wrote. “Raised the set of blocks on both sides out in front of that spot to help prevent some extremely long distance sniping, but overall it’s going to be better for Widow.”

The two different responses have triggered another debate altogether, with some players in disbelief that Kaplan brought up the lack of statistical imbalance when the issue is clearly visible, derailing the post’s initial argument for some users. It has apparently been a known map issue for quite some time, based on the responses from other players, which ranged from thinking that the issue was already fixed or that somehow the development team missed it.


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