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The latest teased League of Legends runes are all about vision

Three new runes coming to League of Legends are all about vision.
Three new runes coming to League of Legends are all about vision. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

With the “Runes Reforged” project still underway in League of Legends, Julie “Riot Sparkle” Murphy revealed Wednesday a sneak peek at three runes that have to do with securing vision for your team.

The first is called Zombie Ward, which is automatically activated when the holder kills a ward. Upon killing an enemy ward, a friendly ward sprouts up in its place for 180 seconds. What makes it especially effective is that it doesn’t count in the ward limit that is imposed on all players of three per summoner.

It can not only exponentially increase friendly vision based on enemy warding, but it can also act as a way to scout where the enemy likes to keep vision, which comes with the potential of securing vision in key locations while denying the opposition vision.

The second is called Watchful Poro, which doesn’t rely on the enemy warding to get vision. When the holder enters a brush, a Poro automatically appears and will give the players vision in that area until an enemy enters the same brush — or if the user enters a new brush. That will be particularly useful for those brushes on the map that often get ignored, and for solo laners that want to keep one bush warded at no cost.

The third is called Trophy Collector, which gives the holder one ability power or 0.7 attack damage — depending on the primary damage based on the item build of the holder — whenever they kill a champion or a ward. This is perhaps the best way to coax people to actually buy control wards or trinkets that reveal wards, as it gives a tangible reward to the holder.

These wards are still tentative, with plenty of room for change. Based on these new runes, there seems to be a real motion to push the power of players who spend the time killing enemy vision. These will be part of the “Domination” tree, which focuses on hunting down enemy champions.

Runes have been slowly revealed during the process of revamping the entire system, which will combine runes and masteries and make them free. One rune will allow players to throw a meteor at their opponent, while another will let players move faster and hit harder.

Cover photo courtesy of League of Legends


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