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Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

With Gambit winning the Major I think it’s likely that they won’t make any shuffles in the upcoming CIS Shuffle. That leaves HellRaisers, Flipsid3 and Na`Vi. Today neL tweeted that ANGE1 was in talks with Na`Vi. So given that, here are some scenarios.

The easiest scenario for Na`Vi right now is to kick/remove GuardiaN, bring in ANGE1 and then put s1mple on AWP. I am currently under the assumption that seized’s slump has to do with taking up leadership roles. This is the fix that requires the least change for Na`Vi. After that I think you can assume that Guardian would go to HellRaisers to make his mostly Slovakian team, but it lacks an in-game leader. In which case I think you remove deadfox since GuardiaN is a better AWPer and bring in a leader, maybe someone like hooch or starix. Although if I could, I’d try to get Blad3.

The best scenario for Na`Vi is to get both ANGE1 and electronic and remove Guardian and seized. In this scenario you won’t have to hope on seized regaining his form and you will have three of the strongest stars in the region. Another possible removal is flamie as he has been inconsistent and the only person who has unlocked his potential to play consistently has been starix, though I think the potential is too high to let him go. If this were to happen, I have no clue as to how the rest of the region shakes out.

I think a good third scenario is to get electronic and Blad3 from Flipsid3 into Na`Vi. This is the only scenario in which you might consider keeping GuardiaN on board instead of putting s1mple in the main AWP. The reason is because Blad3 is a tactical in-game leader and his style could suit GuardiaN. I still think the better option is to replace GuardiaN and seized in this scenario anyway though.

I wrote this before DeKay’s report came out, so GuardiaN is out of the picture as it’s likely he’s reportedly going to FaZe. The question now is seized, a player I think could go a long way in improving Gambit even though Gambit doesn’t want him. Another possible choice is to replace kioshima with seized as well then you’d get GuardiaN-NiKo-rain-seized-karrigan. This thing gets more complicated by the second.


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