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Claris granted release from Laser Kittenz to pursue Overwatch League opportunity

Claris is leaving Laser Kittenz to pursue an Overwatch League opportunity.
Claris is leaving Laser Kittenz to pursue an Overwatch League opportunity.

European Overwatch team Laser Kittenz announced Thursday the team has released Lee “claris” Keon-ho, following the release of Byeon “Munchkin” Sang-beom. He will leave to pursue opportunities to play in Overwatch League.

“After receiving interest from teams already in the OWL, Claris has communicated his desire to pursue those tryout opportunities,” the announcement reads. “As such, we have decided to release him and wish him the best in his future. We’re sure that even if it doesn’t work out, he will remain a familiar face in the competitive Overwatch scene.”

The announcement also confirmed an ESPN report regarding the release of Munchkin — who has been dealing with some wrist pain issues — saying that the team has had some communication issues with him.

Both Munchkin and Claris have been a part of Laser Kittenz since April after they were released by the South Korean Overwatch team Lunatic-Hai. After the acquisition, Laser Kittenz qualified for Overwatch Contenders Season Zero and placed third, qualifying for Season 1, which is set to begin Aug. 14

With the Overwatch League progressing since the announcement of its first seven franchises, the league also announced that all players, including those who are currently competing with a team, are free agents for the Overwatch League. Many players like Claris are expected to entertain offers from teams who already occupy Overwatch League slots.

As for Laser Kittenz, the team looks to stick around if possible.

“So far, it has been our goal to stick together as a unit, and replicate everything that you love about Laser Kittenz on the biggest stage of all,” the announcement reads. “We will continue pursuing this while we discuss plans moving forward.”


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