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League of Legends honor system won’t be open to multiple nominations anytime soon

The League of Legends honor system is going to stay with only one nomination per player.
The League of Legends honor system is going to stay with only one nomination per player. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games has fielded many questions since the launch of its new honor system for League of Legends. So many that apparently Riot felt the need to address some of them in another edition of “Ask Riot.”

Following negative player feedback about only being allowed to honor one teammate per game, Riot again answered a question about why the honor system was set up that way. The answer was pretty much the same as a previous explanation by Rioter Eric “Socrates” Kenna.

“Honoring one person per game prompts careful consideration of who you give your vote to,” the post read. “Honor should not feel like the equivalent of shaking everyone’s hand at the end of a game.”

On the topic of removing the opportunity to honor opponents, Rioter Simurgh, a designer for player behavior, said that it’s simpler to choose between two or four options instead of a potential nine. The response also said that the team is looking into a way to honor opponents, but it won’t be available any time soon.

Another controversial aspect of the new honor system are for those who have been incredibly active in the past system. Those players who had hundreds of honors found that Riot no longer kept those records, but they have little to worry about, according to Nathaniel “NaKyle” Wattenmaker.

“We’re planning a small gift for folks who were big into old-school Honor,” he wrote. “In terms of design, we want to tip our hat to folks who really cared about and engaged in old-school Honor. We’re still ironing out the details, and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready.”

Another point of contention is that it’s very difficult to track the growth of a player’s honor in the new system. Opting for a level-based growth system based on how many honors a player gets, players lament that there was no way to track how close they are to leveling up, and thus becoming eligible for exclusive rewards at Level 3 and above. NaKyle tackled this issue as well, saying that the current system is hard to track, and a solution is currently in the works.

“The answer to the problem is most likely more clear and more frequent notifications about the honors you’re receiving as you move onward and upward,” he wrote. “These notifications can give you cool info, like if a majority of your honors are around shot-calling. Tidbits like that can help you sharpen your strengths as a player, while signaling forward progress in the level system.”

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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