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MVP Infinity Overwatch roster disbands

MVP dropped its Overwatch roster, MVP Infinity
MVP's Overwatch roster, MVP Infinity, has disbanded.

MVP, a multi-game South Korean esports organization, announced Thursday through Facebook that one of its Overwatch teams, MVP Infinity, will disband.

“Today we deliver some unfortunate news regarding our Overwatch team,” the announcement reads. “Our Overwatch team, which put valiant performances in the OGN APEX Overwatch Season 2 tournament, will be disbanded today. As we have told fans previously, Choi “easybro” Hee-seong, Maeng “climax” Joo-ho, Lee “whynot” Joo-hyeop, and Son “brek” Yong-ha have all left the team, and we came to the conclusion of disbanding the team after much difficult deliberation.”

With this announcement, the three remaining players Lee “Insanity” Ji-seop, Kim “BiaNcA” Dong-wook, and Kim “Fuze” Tae-hoon are now free agents.

MVP Infinity has played in Season 2 of OGN APEX but was relegated to the Challengers league for Season 3. Although the next season of APEX will include the top five teams from the Challenger league due to changes to the league, MVP Infinity is not one of them. Infinity has also lost a chance to compete as APEX Challengers has been disbanded.

The announcement leaves MVP with its other Overwatch roster MVP Space, which has been competing since Season 1 of OGN’s APEX league, and although it was relegated, it managed to climb its way back up to APEX Season 3 through the promotional tournament. MVP SPACE will continue to compete in APEX Season 4.

With more details regarding Overwatch League being revealed Wednesday, teams who are already a part of the league will be interested in Korean talent, as well as other foreign organizations who have been actively adding Korean players to their rosters. It will be interesting to see where — whether domestic or international — the MVP Infinity players end up.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that MVP’s Overwatch roster disbanded. MVP had two Overwatch rosters, Infinity and Space, and Space will continue to operate. 


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