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New reticle options, faster hammer swings, Doomfist and more in the latest Overwatch patch

New reticle options are live in the latest Overwatch patch.
New reticle options are live in the latest Overwatch patch. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

The latest Overwatch Patch for PC players went live Thursday, with a number of changes to heroes and some new features for the game, including new reticle options.

Some long-awaited additions to the game finally made it, including reticle options and a highlight system that gives players the ability to save specific replays during games.

The reticle system is something of a staple when it comes to online shooters, present in games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. With the new patch, players can now create a reticle design of their choice and choose a color for it. If the player so wishes, they can now have something other than just a dot in the middle of the screen.

The new highlight option was mentioned by game director Jeff Kaplan in a recent video. With the new system, the game will continue to generate highlights like it always does, but it also gives the player the ability to create and save their own highlights. Those clips can last up to 12 seconds, and the game can store up to 36 highlights at a time. The moments can also be exported in various graphical qualities as a video file.

Finally, the loot box adjustments are live, which dramatically reduce the chances of getting duplicate items. With hundreds of cosmetic items in the game and loot boxes being the only way to get them, duplicates only added to the aggravation of users who couldn’t just choose the items they wanted.

Doomfist punches his way into Overwatch

The much awaited hero Doomfist is now live in Overwatch. Classified as an offensive hero, his abilities revolve around his giant mechanical gauntlet, which gives him a lot of mobility options to dive into the enemy team.

McCree’s Flash Bang slows now too

One of McCree’s abilities, Flash Bang, previously just stunned enemies in a small area for a brief window of time, giving McCree an opportunity to drop them with his revolver. This now also applies a slow, so that those enemies that survive the initial damage have a harder time running away.

Reinhardt gets some faster swings of his hammer

After being a victim of bugs, a useless tank in the current meta, and neglect from the development team as a whole, Reinhardt now has a bonafide buff to call his own. He swings his hammer 10 percent faster, increasing his damage output per second. Blizzard also fixed the bugs that messed with the hit detection of his hammer, so hopefully Reinhardt mains can play with a little more dignity.

Zarya’s Graviton Surge is a literal black hole now

Zarya’s ultimate ability, Graviton Surge, drags in enemies from an area and keeps them in a single point on the map for a duration of time. Previously if you were a Tracer or Genji, you could dash right out of it and avoid damage, but not anymore. In the current patch, those caught in the Graviton Surge get their mobility abilities disabled, locking down even the slipperiest of targets for damage.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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