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Sivir receives hot fix almost immediately after Patch 7.15 buffs go live

Sivir received a hot fix after Patch 7.15 buffs.
Sivir received a hot fix after Patch 7.15 buffs. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Buffs to Sivir that went live in League of Legends Patch 7.15 were scaled down in a hot fix, according to a tweet from Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon.

The most recent patch notes detailed Sivir’s buff in the form of 30 more damage on her Q, which is also her main form of lane-harass and damage. Apparently the buff was way too large, and it went from 30 to 10 less than a day after the patch went live.

This is a recent trend that followed what happened with Singed and Nunu, two other champions who were nerfed almost immediately after the patch went live after starting a bit too strong. In a Reddit post about the hot fix, Riot Axes explained the reasoning behind the recent hot fixes.

“Our tech for hot fixes is much better than it used to be, so the process of putting one is much, much faster,” he wrote. “This also accounts for the increased number of hot fixes — the risk of doing one is dramatically lower than it used to be (still not zero, but much lower), so we’re doing hot fixes for balance issues that we would have allowed to sit for a patch in years (even months) past.”

This rapid pace of patches also comes at a time when Riot has been under fire for balancing issues. The Duskblade of Draktharr was considered much too strong, which led to a hot fix of its own, as well as further nerfs in future patches.

The most recent example is with the newly reworked champion Urgot, which has an interaction with Braum. When Braum blocks Urgot’s second ultimate cast using his E — which blocks all skill shots and makes Braum deal with the effects — what should be a low-HP execute ultimate literally kills the full health Braum.

The Tweet capturing the moment in the video went viral, with many players either laughing or questioning the team at Riot on if it’s ever fair to kill a full HP character no matter how small of a chance of it actually happening.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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