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Dafran gives bizarre statement announcing retirement from professional Overwatch

Dafran will retire as a professional Overwatch player
Dafran (Daniel Francesca) will retire as a professional Overwatch player.

Daniel “dafran” Francesca announced Friday via Twitlonger he will no longer pursue a career as a professional Overwatch player.

Dafran, who played for Selfless Gaming, came under criticism for intentionally throwing games while streaming, which he vocalized multiple times during the stream. As a result, Blizzard suspended him from competing in Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, and Selfless suspended him indefinitely. Dafran has since wrote on Twitter that he “deserved” the punishment that was delivered to him.

But in Friday’s statement, dafran wrote he intended to get suspended by his team and Blizzard in a bizarre way to get out of being a professional, as he cited frustration. Apparently.

“I did what I did to get out of professional Overwatch. It was the only way. I was not sure if I would get banned or not, but I would accept it openly and very happily if it happened,” he wrote. “I wanted to get out for a long time. Competing and scrimming made me very depressed and bored. The only thing that kept me going was streaming and enjoying the fame.”

He continued to write that he would rather “jump from job to job than be a professional player,” but he will continue to play Overwatch. That apparently includes “queue sniping big streamers, spawn camping and talkin shit,” as he genuinely enjoys doing so.

Dafran briefly touched on his attempt as “reforming” to be a professional player, but he said that doing so was just not his speed, and that it was more important to him to remain true to who he is.

“I choose to stay true to myself and enjoy what I enjoy, staying a manchild,” he wrote. “We are all different and we all have our things in life that makes it fun to live, money and fame is not everything.”


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